Welcome to the SAFEYOU survey!

By taking part of this survey and sharing your knowledge and experiences of performance- and appearance-enhancing substances, you will contribute to the harm-reduction effort to help young people making an informed choice; and - if they decide on use - to help the inexperienced or novice users minimising health risks or harm that are often associated with incorrect use.

The work we do is supported by the European Union's ERASMUS fund through the SAFEYOU project. The project has started as a 'doping prevention' initiative in 2015. However, the research we conducted to date told us that some young people are determined to use performance-and/or image-enhancing drugs and thus harm-minimisation or reduction is just as important as prevention. We listened to the people in our target population. We respect their values and intentions and we want to help in a meaningful way. This is why we created this survey and asking for your contribution.

This is the first survey of this kind. This year's survey is relatively short, focusing on the most widely used performance- and image-enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids; and it is only available in English. Our ultimate aim for the years to come is to run this survey annually, expand its scope to other substance categories and translate it into other languages. We believe that you have a lot of experience, expertise and opinion which - if shared - can help others.

This is a completely anonymous survey. We do not ask any information which can be used to find out who you are. Your individual answers will be held private. Only summary reports will be shared publicly. We only ask basic demographic information (gender, age and country of residence) to help us to report on patterns of use and trends.

It is up to you to decide if you want to take part. Even if you decide to take part you are still free to stop taking the survey at any time and without giving a reason. If you change your mind after you submitted the survey we will not be able to delete your answers because we will not be able to spot which survey was yours.

By taking part you consent for the aggregated information to be used by the SAFEYOU group in reports, academic publications and health promotion/harm reduction activities.

There is no risk to you by taking part but if there is anything that is not clear or if you would like more information, please ask us (contact: Neha Ainsworth at k1545825@kingston.ac.uk or Prof Andrea Petroczi at A.Petroczi@kingston.ac.uk).

By sharing your experiences and knowledge with us, you are helping the community of amateur bodybuilders, exercisers and gym users making better choices. It is an interactive survey, thus its length depends on the extent of the experience you have and willing to share with us. Please answer all questions.

Thank you for taking part of this first survey. We will be back with the result from this survey in the summer 2016.