Match Fixing

A Threat to the Integrity of Sport

Match fixing represents and ongoing threat to the integrity, reputation, and societal welfare dimension of sports. It is an illegal activity with an international dimension, and is directly linked to gambling and criminal networks exploiting unregulated gambling markets. Current evidence indicates the pervasive nature of match-fixing across levels and type of sport, and highlight the role of illegal gambling and profit-making through sport betting activities.

EU Against Match Fixing

A Call for Policy Action

In 2011, match-fixing was recognized as a major threat to the integrity of sports and the Member States of the Council of Europe were invited to adopt policies and measures to prevent and combat match-fixing across levels and types of sport. Efforts are also made at an EU-level to combat match-fixing through legislative measures. In particular, match-fixing is seen as a form of corruption, and, therefore, can be punished under anti-corruption laws (KEA European Affairs, 2012).

Fix the Fixing

The project

Fix the Fixing aims to develop a user-friendly educational tool will that will be used by stakeholders to increase people’s involved in sport awareness about corruption, fraud and match-fixing in different types and levels of sport; teach coping skills on resisting offers and temptations to engage in match-fixing; and indicate ways to properly report match-fixing incidents to the relevant authorities.

International Conference

The Prevention of Match Fixing



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