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Fix the Fixing, an educational tool to increase people’s involved in sport awareness about corruption, fraud and match-fixing in different types and levels of sport
Fix The Fixing, Match Fixing, Sport Integrity, Erasmus, ErasmusPlus
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How to Fix a Football Match: Channel 4 Dispatches

Football’s dark side: Undercover footage exposes a match fixer from Ghana offering to help fix an international friendly football match.

BBC Panorama Undercover - Football's Dirty Secrets

Shown in 2006 on the BBC – Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets included footage shown of meetings between agents, managers and high ranking football club officials, filmed undercover by Knut auf dem Berge, a freelance coach posing as a prospective football agent. This footage purported to show agents and managers accepting backhanders and illegally „tapping-up“ players under contract to other clubs. The allegations included footage of Sam Allardyce, Craig Allardyce, Harry Redknapp, Kevin Bond, Frank Arnesen plus several high profile agents.