Fix The Fixing Educational Tool

Module 1: Definition of match-fixing

This theme focuses on the understanding of the phenomenon of match fixing. Definitions of the different aspects of match fixing are provided. A case study is presented to help athletes understand the concept and types of match-fixing.

Module 2: Legislation issues

This theme presents the types of manipulation and the consequences of match-fixing in terms of legislation. It offers information about the sporting judicial system, the disciplinary codes and the code of conduct.

Module 3: Type of approach towards match fixing

This theme presents the 3 protagonists-agents involved in a typical match fixing action. It describes the techniques and the different stages typically used to establish a successful fix and provides information about the type of approach towards match fixing from the athlete’s perspective. This theme explores the concept of coercion.

Module 4: Gambling and Betting

This theme introduces the topic of betting and gambling. It highlights the cases in which gambling is uncontrolled and leads to addiction. This theme presents tips and activities that train athletes on how to avoid gambling.

Module 5: Social pressure

These themes introduce the role of social pressure in match fixing. They aim to raise awareness about the types and the sources of social pressure that lead to match fixing. These themes provide examples of actions in sport that support or undermine sport values and develops plans of action that will help an athlete to resist fixing a game in potential tempting situations.

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Part 2/2

Module 6: Morality

This theme focuses on the different moral perspectives athletes may adopt while competing and discusses why people cheat. It offers general information about how athletes justify unethical behaviours and prompts athletes to reflect on how they should think instead.

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Part 2/2

Module 7: Role of media and advertising

This theme offers information about the role of media and advertising in shaping public opinion related to match fixing. It explains how the presentation of match fixing in the media and gambling/betting advertisements can influence an athlete’s decision to fix a game and/or bet.

Module 8: Recognize – Resist - Report

This theme raises awareness about the three R’s to help ensure an athlete’s personal safety. The three R’s describe the three steps an athlete should endorse in order to avoid match fixing and protect himself/herself and sports.